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Safety in your journey post Covid-19 quarantine

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

While these have been uncertain times for all, I think we can all agree that the policies and procedures around health, safety and sanitization will be changed globally for the better. 

Our highest priority is the wellbeing of all the people in the Canadian Surrogacy community and globally. We at Hive Surrogacy are taking all precautions necessary to ensure our families and Surrogates are following the infection prevention and control provided by the world health organization. 

Currently the fertility centres we collaborate  with are closed while we are asked  to be in quarantine. There has been suggestion that there will be soft openings as the quarantine is lifted within the next short while. Perhaps  by the end of May. Openings will be based on new data and direction from the world health organization. 

Currently there has been no evidence that Covid-19 is transferred to the fetus through pregnancy or birth. And there are no other Covid strains that do so either. 

What these “soft openings” will look like will depend from clinic to clinic, but across the board we have seen some common precautions and policies that we want to share with you so you can know what to anticipate. 

All the common suggestions such as consistent hand washing, refraining from touching your face, wearing face coverage and physical distancing are all practices that we and your fertility centres also ask you to follow. We also ask that you follow your own boundaries around this gradual re opening of life as we knew it. We don’t want you doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Currently any Surrogates who are outside the province their fertility centre is in, will need to wait until travel bans are lifted as these are not emergency health  appointments. Once we have more information around that we will be sure to share it with our community. 

International Intended Parents who have not already provided their samples will need to wait for updated  timelines around when they can travel here to create embryos. However, those who are internationally shipping semen, ovum or embryos can still do so with most clinics. 

There will be some new expectations when attending an appointment at a fertility clinic. For your information, staff will go through their own screenings each day before entering the clinic including answering a survey and taking their temperature. As we want to take everyone safety into account please do not attend any appointments if you are experiencing any symptoms such as cough, Tunney nose, sore throat or fever. 

Please ensure that you are on time for your appointments as the clinics will be strategically planning visits around the idea of having not too many patients in the clinic at one time. Please be aware that you are not to enter the clinic more than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time and that if you are late, you may need to move it to another day. 

Initially any patients who have any pre existing conditions will be asked to wait to attend the clinic for appointments. 

Unfortunately at this time support people will not be allowed to attend your appointment with you but if you require any kind of anesthetic they will be require to pick your up to bring you home safely. 

We will continue to update everyone on timing a new procedures to be aware of post Covid-19 quarantine. 

We hope you and your families are happy and safe. We will see you soon. 

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