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Do I Qualify?

Have you been thinking of becoming a Surrogate?

Take our quiz to discover if you are eligible!

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Congratulations on taking these first steps to assisting a hopeful family!

There is no typical timeline for Intended Parents to connect with a Surrogate. In some cases, it can take 5 years before Intended Parents finally find 

someone like you to help them.


Gestational Surrogacy is a process in which the Surrogate is not related to the child she is carrying; it is the most common type of Surrogacy today.

An embryo is created using in vitro Fertilization (IVF), using the eggs and sperm of the Intended Parent or a Donor, and then transferred into the Surrogate. 

Modern science has enabled families like single parents, those struggling to conceive, cancer survivors and those from the LGBTQ+ community to grow their families and be involved from conception all the way until  the birth of their child. 

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  • Between 21-45 years of age.  

  • Has experienced one healthy pregnancy and delivery. 

  • Does not use recreational drugs or smoke cigarettes.

  • Typically have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of no higher than 42. 
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Infertiltiy & Loss

Individuals who have faced challenges in conceiving naturally, with the assistance of IVF/IUI, or have experienced the profound loss of a pregnancy or a child.


All Genders

We support families of all identities and orientations, including queer, straight, trans, and beyond.


Single Parenthood by choice

Individuals who have a dream of parenthood and don't want to wait any longer! 


Cancer Survivors 

Families who have overcome cancer in their journey to parenthood. We provide comprehensive support and guidance to cancer survivors.


When you sign up to do surrogacy with Hive, you aren’t just signing up to help a family have a baby, you’re signing up for so much more. Support, love, friendship. Its all included. Hive means the world to me and I can never thank them enough for the experience I had, for the connections I’ve made.


Everyone deserves that kind of love and support in all aspects of life, but especially going on a surrogacy journey. It doesn’t need to be a road you travel alone and Hive really holds your hand through it all.

Hive Surrogate, Keera

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