Roman and Alex

from Spain

These lovely first-time parents to be are more than ready to meet their baby. They have been through this process for some time and are looking for that special someone to make their dream a reality.

When asked why they wanted to become parents, this was their answer:

"I think it all starts with how important family is to us. We have been brought up in incredible families and has made us want to build one of our own. We also want to experience helping our kids become someone in the world and being by their side all along the way.

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Glenn and Yanto
from Belgium

Glenn and Yanto are so excited to start their journey here at Hive and we are so happy to be supporting them in this special time in their lives!

"I would like to thank you for considering surrogacy and for considering us as intended parents. What you are doing is simply amazing! You are making our dream come true and we could not do this without you. We very much look forward to getting to know you! "

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Jean and Louis
from France

Jean and Louis are two first time hopeful Dads who have been wonderful intended parents to support thus far! 

When asked about what kind of relationship they would like with their Surrogate, this was their answer: 


"We want her to remain part of our child’s story and in our family.


So it’s important to build a strong relationship despite the distance, in which we talk about everything with confidence. 

We want to be as supportive as possible. After baby’s arrival, we want to continue our calls and to meet when possible."

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Guillaume and Miguel
from France

Please Meet Guillaume and Miguel from France!

They have been on their journey for a long time to become parents and we are so excited to be supporting them on their path. 

"Family is a large notion. The one related by blood and the one whose come into our life. Miguel's parents live in the south of France, and mine live near Paris. Miguel's sister also live in the south of France and mine are a bit spread in France and in Canada (Montreal). So far we have 4 nephews! Our friends are also part of our family and they are also excited for us to become parents and have been waiting along with us."


"We both do archery. We like hiking and scuba diving. Mainly on our free time we walk around the city or near the sea. Trying to see family and friends as much as possible. "


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A and G
from France

These first time Dad's have been dreaming of raising a family before they were married in 2016. 

This is what they are looking forward in raising their child:

"The most joyous part of parenthood for us is seeing our child grow the stages of is life, to help him/her to flourish. Sharing moments of life, like travelling, open their mind while discovering news cultures. "


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Couple Hiking Outdoor

A and R
from Ireland


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M and O
from Israel

We are happy to Introduce M and O who are our amazing family from Israel. 

"Becoming fathers to S is a dream come true. As many IPs, we were quite clueless about what it would actually feel like to be responsible for a little baby. It's not always an easy journey, but it's the most rewarding, exciting and heart warming experience. S never seizes to amaze us, and it's incredible to support and teach him as he grows up."


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Couple with Baby
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Helios and Jeff
from France

These guys are so excited to finally have their journey underway! They have 11 embryos waiting at their clinic in Toronto!

When asked about their family and how they would be in their baby's life, this was their response: 

"H: Our respective families are very happy to welcome this child. Especially our moms who are looking forward to becoming grandmothers but also our sisters. We have also thought about choosing two of our friends (Claire and Sylvain) to become godparents for our child. J: My mum and my sister will be very important. As my grand-parents were really present and very involved in my youth, I feel it would be a great thing if our children could live that too. I have no problem with raising our child with two dads, because I know that thanks to the female figures around us (grandmothers, aunts,...), our child will be balanced. Also, our close friends have young children, and it will be important that we continue to spend time together. We have already identified who would be our child's godparents, beautiful and loving people with great values!"

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M and P


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Same Sex Male Couple