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Lorenzo & Francesco


Once upon a time, 20 years ago, in a fairy tale city called Florence, there was a young student of 20 years old named Francesco, who was on his way to a student party.

During that great night with lots of people, friends and music Francesco met Lorenzo, another young student of 20 years old, who was also there to party with his friends.

Both of them were born and raised in a small town in the southern part of Tuscany, without ever meeting each other before…long story short it was love at the first sight!


Today Lorenzo & Francesco, as husband and husband, have been sharing half of their life together. They shared all the most important moments of their lives and fought their battles. They built their home, a place full of joy, friends, colours and good food (they especially love to cook together).


Their weapons were not swords and shields, but their courage and love.


After 20 years together, they will be happy to crown their happy ending, as in any self-respecting fairy tale and become daddy&daddy! They need your help to realize this dream.

A & G


We have been together for 14 years. For several years we have dreamed of becoming Dads. We started the process of adoption 4 years ago, and are still waiting to become parents. With that in mind, we have decided to start on the magnificent path of Surrogacy. We started in March 2022 and we have met many beautiful people who follow us in this new adventure.If we had a little word to say to our future Surrogate, it would be: "Thank you, thank you for taking this step, thank you for contributing to our happiness and for giving us the possibility of being parents, we look forward to meeting you soon". 

Niccolo & Lorenzo


Hello From Italy! We live in Rome and are so lucky to have so many beautiful parks to choose here to walk our dog, Grishka at. We are both teachers and we love our job. As teachers, we love children. We spend every day of our life with them.  Now, after spending 15 years in love together as a couple, and sharing many experiences together, we have decided to build our family and have children of our own! We hope to find a Surrogate to carry our baby and build a strong friendship and relationship with her. Maybe we will even get to share our favorite family home made pizza recipe with her?! When we think of our future with our baby, you will always be part of our baby's story and life. We want to stay in touch and have a life long friendship.​


Paul & James


What’s better than having one loving and goofy dad? TWO loving and goofy dads! We are Paul and James, a couple from Toronto (with our dog, Ivy, a jungle of houseplants and two fish Tiny and Honey) looking to be parents through surrogacy.  We have always wanted to be parents, and as gay men, we never were certain if it would be a possibility for us. The very idea that someone would be willing to be part of the journey to allow us to become parents is beyond remarkable! Talk about being a superhero! Unconditional love is something that is so important to us. We got married in July 2022 and part of our vows talked about how families thrive when the foundation is unconditional love.  Of course we want to be parents for all the big reasons: to raise a kind person who shares our values, and will make a positive impact on the world. But we also want to be parents for the day-to-day joys as well: teaching self-love, taking our kids to school, giving them big bear hugs, and making them breakfast (waffles and maple syrup baby!)​

Alcidio & Stéphan


Becoming parents has been the most incredible and fulfilling adventure we’ve experienced in our lives. For many years we never thought that becoming dads could be an option. The vision of our future changed completely with bigger dreams when we heard about surrogacy. We are now married for six years and share our life with beautiful 3 years old Sara who was born in Canada ! With Jen who carried her we’ve tried to have a second baby. Unfortunately we lost 2 babies at 3 & 5 months into the pregnancy. It’s been a terrible loss for all of us and we went through difficult time. Jen was very supportive and enthusiast and we could have tried a third time but doctors advice not to since Sara was born premature as well. We’d love to have a sister or a brother for Sara and she does as much as we do. So we had to take the decision to find another person who can help us in our journey. First surrogacy taught us how important it is to create a positive circle around and how much the help of all people around matters. Building a close relationship, being able to share moments, thoughts, support but also doubts and wonders with the one who will accept to help us grow our family is something we are ready to start. It took us a while but now we are ready as new beginners. Both of us are born in Paris and we currently live in this vibrant and wonderful city. We’ve travelled a lot (before Covid of course…), which is one of our common passions. Alcidio speaks seven languages and is a very good cook. Stéphane keeps in his head lyrics of hundreds of songs of the 80’s and loves to eat what Alcidio has made

Steph and Al - Pic 2_edited.jpg

Roman & Alex


These lovely first-time parents to be are more than ready to meet their baby. They have been through this process for some time and are looking for that special someone to make their dream a reality.​When asked why they wanted to become parents, this was their answer:​"I think it all starts with how important family is to us. We have been brought up in incredible families and has made us want to build one of our own. We also want to experience helping our kids become someone in the world and being by their side all along the way.​​


Jamal, Romain & Noam


Jamal & Romain's paths crossed for the first time 17 years ago in an ice rink in Paris. We were both working in the field of Figure Skating, Jamal is a Swiss national Champion who participated at many World championships and at the olympics while Romain is a French coach and choreographer on world and Olympic level. We must have exchanged a first few words then at the 2006 World championship in Calgary! Maybe we were meant to build a life and a family together in Canada...

Our relationship started years later in 2013; Jamal had become National Ice Skating Coach of Malaysia and lived in Kuala Lumpur - Romain still in his hometown in Lyon. We got to know and love each other despite the long distance through many trips between Europe, Asia and North America. After 2 years, however, we both felt the strong desire to move together. Romain moved to Montreal, where he was to create the Ice Academy of Montreal - Jamal followed him 6 months later. Together we have lived in Montreal for 8 years now and married since 2017. We are permanent residents and soon to be Canadians!

 We are in an extremely happy place in our lives and are the proudest fathers on the planet! With the immeasurable help of a lovely woman, a surrogate who dedicated a year of her life to caring for our unborn baby, Noam, our first child was born in November 2022.

Carla & Russel


"All You Need Is Love"...  This is one of our favourite songs and its message has been the foundation of our relationship.  Our lives have been filled with love for each other, from our supportive families, and from our amazing friends. We want to start a family so that we can share this love with a child of our own.

We’ve always known that we wanted children, but we knew that surrogacy was our only option.  We are grateful that you have felt this calling to help others make parenthood a reality. We know that this is a selfless act that requires patience, understanding, compromise and most importantly, love. We are thankful for this chance of fulfilling our dream of becoming parents. We can’t wait to meet you!

Love Is All You Need!

Mat & Guy


All stories must have a beginning, and for us it all started thousands of miles away. Mathew growing up in the green grass of Wales and Guy in the Sun of Israel. Mathew was very comfortable with his life in Wales, working in an awesome Hair Salon. Always dreaming of what life was like outside of Wales.  


A good story needs an adventure thought right? For Mathew that call for a warmer climate got too much, and one lunch break he went and got that one-way ticket to Aus. Now fortunately enough, Guy was on his own adventure too. Compulsory military duty led to a wonderful military career, a navigation officer of a submarine! However, Guy knew that he had his own truth to follow. On a trip to Australia, Guy fell in love with the country and knew he had to make it his mission to live there, sooner or later. 


These two guys on this adventure though had a love story that was yet to unfold. One fateful day at their favorite bar, after a few Long Island Iced teas, they met. Guy confidently giving Mathew the look. Mathew giggling back. Then days later our first date. Talking of all the dreams we had, which included building a family. We just knew that we wanted to make this dream a reality. 


Now this is where the story is going to get really good. Like waiting for the next episode to be released of your favorite show. However, we knew that we need a true hero to help us make our deepest wish come true.  

Cathy & Jacob


Over the past 11 years of our relationship, we've faced many challenges and celebrated countless milestones. From getting our degrees to landing our first jobs, from getting married to buying our home, we've been through it all. We also experienced the heartbreak of losing a close family member, and the joy of bringing a furry friend into our lives. But there's one dream that we haven't been able to realize, and that is starting a family.

We went through a lot of fertility treatments over the past 5 years, desperately trying to conceive a child to complete our family. Along the way, we experienced the devastating loss of two pregnancies, and our hearts shattered when our preterm baby passed away after three months in the NICU. Despite these heartbreaks, we stay passionate about starting a family, and we know that with the help of a surrogate, we can make it a reality.

Being parents is critical in our lives , and we are ready to take the necessary steps to make that happen. We're hoping to find a surrogate who can help us complete our family. We know that this journey won't be easy, but we are committed to doing everything we can to make it a success.

If you're someone who shares our passion for family and are considering becoming a surrogate, we would be honored to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to read our story, and we look forward to embarking on this journey together.

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