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Jamal, Romain & Noam

Montreal, Canada

Our paths have crossed for the first time probably 17 years ago in an ice rink in Paris. We were both working in the field of Figure Skating, Jamal is a Swiss national Champion who participated at many World championships and at the olympics while Romain is a French coach and choreographer on world and Olympic level. We must have exchanged a first fe words then at the 2006 World championship in Calgary! Maybe we were meant to build a life and a family together in Canada!

Our relationship started years later in 2013; Jamal had become National Ice Skating Coach of Malaysia and lived in Kuala Lumpur - Romain still in his hometown in Lyon. We got to know and love each other despite the long distance through many trips between Europe, Asia and North America. After 2 years, however, we both felt the strong desire to move together. Romain moved to Montreal, where he was to create the Ice Academy of Montreal - Jamal followed him 6 months later. Together we have lived in Montreal for 8 years now, are permanent residents and soon Canadians, got married in 2017 and we both individually and together feel accomplished in our lives, privately and professionally, and in our integration into the Canadian and Quebecois society. We are in an extremely happy place in our lives and are the proudest fathers on the planet! With the immeasurable help of a lovely woman, a surrogate who dedicated a year of her life to caring for our unborn baby, Noam, our first child was born on November 27th 2022. We both have several siblings and we are so grateful for having them in our lives - our brothers and sisters with whom we share so many memories. We deeply wish to give Noam a sibling so they can be on each others side for hopefully their whole life. And with your help maybe we can do exactly that! 


Fabian, Judith, and Noah

London, England

Dear friend,
Warm greetings from London! We're Fabian, Judith, and Noah, a multicultural family originally from Germany and Northern Italy, now calling the UK our home. Our days are filled with the simple joys of cooking (we have a big shelf of cookbooks), reading (Winnie the Witch and Mr. Postmouse are our current favourites), listening to podcasts, playing Duplo,
hiking, watching series (we were hooked on Ted Lasso, Severance and Bluey…), and playing board games (the space not taken up by cookbooks is filled with board games).We are looking for a wonderful surrogate and partner family to help us welcome another baby into our family. Unfortunately, during Noah's birth, I (Judith) had to give up my uterus.
Despite regular PAP smears, I was diagnosed with a rare form of cervical cancer early in my pregnancy. As it was mid-pandemic, we were facing a long period of uncertainty where we didn't know the severity of the situation, whether I could continue the pregnancy, or if termination and aggressive treatment was necessary. Thankfully, after receiving clearance
from the doctors, I proceeded with the pregnancy but was advised to undergo chemotherapy, which was initially frightening. Despite the hardships, I managed to carry Noah to term and underwent my final cancer treatment right after his birth. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate that everything went smoothly, and now, we are blessed with health and our wonderful, energetic, and incredibly friendly son, Noah. Now, we're trying to expand our family and give Noah a sibling, as we believe it will be the
most enduring relationship he will ever have. We're both incredibly thankful for our wonderful siblings who we share wonderful memories with and will support us through our lives. We spent a lot of time thinking about whether surrogacy is right for us. We will truly appreciate your kindness in considering giving us this unique opportunity, and we are committed to making it a positive and rewarding experience for everyone involved. So here
we are, reaching out with hope and friendship, looking for a surrogate and partner family to share in this beautiful adventure of love, strength, and new beginnings. With warm regards,
Fabian, Judith, and Noah

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Drew, Robert & soon to be 3! 

Colorado, USA

The adage ‘opposites attract’ stands true for us.  One of us works for one of the leading health institutions in New York doing clinical research.  And the other is a Theatre actor/teacher working within the industry, as well as graphic designer and print shop owner. 


We are really excited to become parents (although extremely nervous). We both have embryos from the same egg donor. We were fortunate to start a first surrogacy journey and are now in the 3rd trimester. We are hoping to do a sibling and quasi parallel journey. Our first surrogate is very supportive of starting a second journey, even in her 3rd trimester.  We intend on being there emotionally and physically with both surrogates. It has been an amazing experience, becoming closer to our surrogate and her family.  We have come to think of her, her spouse, and children as extended family, and we have seen how much we have to look forward to in raising our children.  


Family is very important to us. Helping raise one of our nephews, we have enjoyed seeing him mature and grow to become a young adult. For our family building journey this experience has been unexpected. We have all been challenged but have worked together to overcome those challenges and obstacles. It has flipped around some of the typical timelines expected during a life course (i.e., helping mentor and guide someone as they become a young adult and go to college before changing diapers).  


We are fairly active, spending time outdoors hiking, gardening, and playing volleyball. Volleyball is one activity that has brought us closer together and closer to the communities that we’ve lived in, playing in the local community leagues and North America Gay Volleyball Association across the country. We look for activities that we both enjoy and can help strengthen our relationship while helping us become more grounded to the community. 


We are excited to continue our journey but grateful to all those that are helping us along the way.


Jeff & Hélios 

Western, France

Bonjour! We're Jeff (39) and Hélios (38), a dynamic French duo on a quest to embark on the exhilarating journey of parenthood. Imagine us as your future dads, navigating the seas of life with laughter, love, and the occasional clucking of our backyard chickens.


Jeff, the wise clinical pharmacist, and Hélios, the dashing maxillofacial surgeon, both share a passion for education as university professors. We're not just in the business of healing bodies; we're also enthusiasts of nurturing minds and hearts.


Picture this: a cozy home, a delightful garden where our feathered friends frolic, and 7 meticulously tested embryos waiting in Toronto for the perfect surrogate to join us on this adventure.


While our first attempts with a previous match didn't quite take flight after three tries, our determination and love have only grown stronger. We're more motivated than ever to fill our home with the pitter-patter of little feet and the joyous chaos that comes with it.

Our days are filled with a symphony of activities – from board games that spark friendly competition, culinary adventures in the kitchen, to the enchanting world of cinema, and the soothing rhythms of crafting and gardening. Our goal is not just to create a loving home but to cultivate a space where family, friends, and our future little one can thrive and find solace.


Ah, there's a special chapter in our storybook that unfolds under the vast Canadian sky! In 2022, we embarked on a thrilling adventure, working during one year in the heart of Montreal. Our love story with Canada blossomed as we immersed ourselves in its welcoming spirit and breathtaking landscapes. During this magical year, we forged unforgettable memories that hold a special place in our hearts, and that we would love to live again with you. 


So, dear potential surrogate, if you're ready to embark on a journey filled with love, laughter, and the occasional egg-laying companion, we'd be thrilled to welcome you into our lives. Let's turn the page to a new chapter and create a story of family, joy, and endless love together! 

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Neville & Andrea

Ontario, Canada

Dear Surrogate, THANK YOU for taking the time to learn a bit about us!


Greetings from Ontario, Canada! We knew we wanted to have a family and to share common values & culture, goals and a love for children made our dream hopeful. Unfortunately, due to Andrea's health concerns, we were unable to start a family naturally, but decided to begin our surrogacy journey in Fall 2022. We understand how selfless this decision is that you are making and there are not enough words to express how much we appreciate you picking us!


A little bit about us: we have known each other for close to a decade and to be able to be on this journey together has been life-changing, in the best way. We got engaged in El Salvador, at an orphanage where a team of volutneers and 60+ children/youth got to be a part of something so special- and boy, was it special! We got married in 2017 and have valued every step taken since. We both work and have worked in social services; although challenging it has been so rewarding. We are for good mental health practices, supporting each other and remaining hopeful that sooner than later- we will become a family of 3. Although we are homebodies, we enjoy travelling, road trips, walks & exercise, singing/music, watch sports & game shows (do our best to answer any & all questions on Jeopardy), spend quality time with our family and friends. When it comes to spending time at home- whether it is cooking, cleaning, reading or enjoying hobbies- we value our time and prioritize ourselves, our marriage and are paving the way for a future for/with our child.


If you would like to be a part of this journey with us or have any questions, do reach out to us! We are excited, positively nervous and ready for this and cannot wait for this new & fulfilling chapter!


Stefan & Sis


This Munich-based duo has embodied a vibrant fusion of cultures for the last 8 years and is now ready to embark on a new mission: “Baby on Board!”
Stefan, captain of young startup, hails from the enchanting Bavarian landscape, while Sis., with roots in France mixed with Asian heritage, now calls Germany home. Seekers of adventure, lovers of life and travels, their shared dreams to nurture a family that transcends borders needs THE ultimate co-pilot to take off: You! “Open and honest communication will be our foundation. We believe in creating a future filled with trust as we embark on this life-changing journey together, not just as intended
parents but as a united and caring team.

Our next destination is one we've named "Family”.   Discover More Here!
We can't wait to welcome you onboard!

Stefan & Sis.

Y and P

 Ontario, Canada

We’re back at it again. Our lives changed forever after we were blessed with our daughter through surrogacy. Now 2 years later, we are hoping to grow our family once more. Surrogacy is such a uniquely incredible adventure. We’re looking for someone wonderful to join us on our sibling journey. 


A little about us: We like watching sports like football and baseball but we are not even a little athletic. We used to travel but now that we have our little one, we prefer spending quality time close to home (where we keep all the diapers and the snacks). We like to watch action movies, Judge Judy, and Jeopardy. Pius is a tech nerd who loves documentaries, and Yaa is a bookworm who enjoys reality television. We got married 2 years after we met because our connection was so effortless. Pregnancy unfortunately is an entirely different matter and we need all the help we can get. If you are interested in becoming a part of our journey, we are open to answering any questions. We would love to hear from you!


Amanda & Dillon

Ontario, Canada

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks for taking the time to read our profile, through your selfless act of kindness we will be creating a bond that will last a lifetime.


Let me tell you a little about us - I’m D, and this beautiful lady is A. We met in our early 20s back in 2011. It was love at first sight…for me at least. I took one look at A and thought “Wow she’s way out of my league, but I’m going to try anyway!” It took some serious charm and late-night texts, but about 6 months later she finally caved and made it official. 


Flash forward to 2017 - we tied the knot! We love spending time with each other, one of our most enjoyed hobbies is going on vacation together and exploring different places on our own. And by exploring, I mean we have a tendency to get lost in the most hilarious of ways. Like the time we rented a car in Casablanca, Morocco. A insisted she knew how to get to this famous restaurant…Three hours and one near-goat collision later, we finally arrived - starving and in desperate need of a mint tea after the stomach-churning drive. I'm telling you; those Moroccan streets are no joke! But that's what makes the memories. Someday we hope our future kid will laugh with us about the great Moroccan Goat Chase!


In 2020 we decided it was time to start trying for a family. But as any fertility journey will tell you, it wasn’t smooth sailing. After an early loss, we sought the help of fertility clinics and multiple rounds of IVF. Unfortunately, A also has an autoimmune disorder, this led to a few more heartbreaking losses. 


The hardest was in December 2022 when we lost our baby girl at 22 weeks (halfway through the pregnancy). We did multiple rounds of testing to learn everything was genetically normal with her and nothing was medically wrong.


After this experience, we tried exploring other options. That’s when we came across surrogacy, this has given us a new hope.


We understand surrogacy is an incredibly selfless act and appreciate you taking the time to review our story and potentially embark on this journey with us.  Check out our website.


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