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Drew & Robert
from USA

We have been together for 15+ years (meeting around the time of graduate school), recently married for 5 of those years. We were married in the Rocky Mountains surrounded by friends and family from across the US.


Even though we’ve lived across the country (Florida, Washington State, Ohio), we moved closer to family as we build our family, going from New York to Colorado. We have always talked about building a family together, despite the changing political climate that hasn’t always welcomed family building for same sex couples. We have also been helping raise and provide support for our nephews, taking them on trips regularly and more recently helping them with school and the challenges that Covid has brought. This experience over the years, especially, has grown our desire to build our family. After continued talk and planning, it wasn’t until recently that we decided to finally begin our family building journey. We have decided to take the leap!

We hope to build a narrative for our children explaining the various people and parts that it has taken to help build our family. With this in mind, we would be grateful to be allowed to share this experience with our Surrogate during surrogacy and maintain a relationship after. We understand that this isn't just a big event for us but a big event for the Surrogate and her family. We would hope that we could build a sustaining relationship with our Surrogate. 

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A and G
from France

We have been together for 14 years. For several years we have dreamed of becoming Dads. We started the process of adoption 4 years ago, and are still waiting to become parents. With that in mind, we have decided to start on the magnificent path of Surrogacy. We started in March 2022 and we have met many beautiful people who follow us in this new adventure.

If we had a little word to say to our future Surrogate, it would be: "Thank you, thank you for taking this step, thank you for contributing to our happiness and for giving us the possibility of being parents, we look forward to meeting you soon".


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from Ontario

As far back as I can remember as a child, I dreamed of being a Dad.


As a single Dad I pledge to love my child unconditionally.

I want them to “Behold” all the wonderful things in this life and to seize endless experiences out there.

Raising this child to believe in themselves and to live their life authentically.


I can also “pass the key” to my Kingdome of Nerdiness if the child is so inclined.

Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Mandalorian and Endless Trivia Facts abound.


My role model was my Mom, Loving Unconditionally while facing any obstacle life threw at us Fearlessly.

From my childhood I learnt nothing is impossible. Love is limitless and families don’t have to fit in the confines of a traditional structure.

Love, Unconditional Love is what conquers all, heals all and it is the core of raising a happy child.

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M and O
from Israel

We are happy to Introduce M and O who are our amazing family from Israel. 

"Becoming fathers to S is a dream come true. As many IPs, we were quite clueless about what it would actually feel like to be responsible for a little baby. It's not always an easy journey, but it's the most rewarding, exciting and heart warming experience. S never seizes to amaze us, and it's incredible to support and teach him as he grows up."


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Couple with Baby
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Niccolo and Lorenzo

Hello From Italy!


We have been together for 14 years two of which we have been married.  We live in Rome with our dog and cat.


We are both teachers and we love our job.


We have a lot of projects together, but our biggest dream is becoming parents. We know that it could be difficult, but we hope to find someone who can help us making this dream come true.

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Stéphane & Alcidio
from France

Becoming parents has been the most incredible and fulfilling adventure we’ve experienced in our lives. For many years we never thought that becoming dads could be an option. The vision of our future changed completely with bigger dreams when we heard about Surrogacy. We are now married for six years and share our life with our beautiful 2.5 years old, Sara who was born in Canada ! With Jen who carried her, we’ve tried to have a second baby. Unfortunately we have suffered 2 losses at  3 and 5 months into the pregnancy. It’s been a terrible loss for all of us and we went through difficult time. Jen was very supportive and enthusiastic and we could have tried a third time but doctors advice not to since Sara already arrived 1.5 month in advance.


We’d love to have a sister or a brother for Sara and she does as much as we do. So we had to make the hard decision to find another person who can help us in our journey. Our first Surrogacy taught us how important it is to create a positive circle around and how much the help of all people around matters. Building a close relationship, being able to share moments, thoughts, support but also doubts and wonders with the one who will accept to help us grow our family is something we are ready to start. It took us a while but now we are ready as new beginners.

Both of us are born in Paris and we currently live in this vibrant and wonderful city. We’ve travelled a lot (before Covid of course…), which is one of our common passions. Alcidio speaks seven languages and is a very good cook. Stéphane keeps in his head lyrics of hundreds of songs of the 80’s and loves to eat what Alcidio has made…


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Roman and Alex
from Barcelona 

These lovely first-time parents to be are more than ready to meet their baby. They have been through this process for some time and are looking for that special someone to make their dream a reality.

When asked why they wanted to become parents, this was their answer:

"I think it all starts with how important family is to us. We have been brought up in incredible families and has made us want to build one of our own. We also want to experience helping our kids become someone in the world and being by their side all along the way.

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Glenn and Yanto
from Belgium

We have been together for more than 10 years, of which 7 married. Ever since we met, we’ve been thick as thieves. We’ve been moving around to different countries together, cheering each other on when graduating, holding each other when we lost family members, crying together when we became godparents. Now that we built our home, we felt it was time for the next step in our relationship and open up our hearts to our own children!
We had been talking about becoming dads for years and eventually embarked on a surrogacy journey in Canada. We can’t wait to take our kids by the hand, to hear them laugh, to console them when they’re down, to discover life together, to get into trouble with them. Our families are on our side, cheering us on in every step of our journey. And we will tell our children about you, about this kind woman with the big, generous heart who
made our dream come true. You’re probably full of questions, but don’t worry, let’s go along together! We are looking for someone who is open and communicative, full of love and positive energy, just like us. Someone out of the ordinary, someone with whom we can keep in touch.

Curious about us, just like we are about you? Feel free to reach out. We very much look forward to be joined by you on our journey towards parenthood!


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Lorenzo and Francesco
from Italy

Since the beginning of our love story, we have wondered what it would be like to become parents: initially it was just a dream, over time we have explored various possibilities and we think that surrogacy is the only suitable choice for our couple and our idea of family (and for Italian boring politicians), since it is possible to live every phase of the construction of our family nest.

We believe in kindness, it is a value that we would like to pass to our child, we think it can be an essential requirement for good growth. One of our favourite phrases is: "Kind words are short and easy to say, but their echo is eternal" (Mother Teresa of Calcutta).

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