Keegan and Rachel

from Ontario

These lovely first-time parents to be are more than ready to meet their baby. They have been through this process for some time and are looking for that special someone to make their dream a reality.

"We have both gone through life-challenging obstacles and are now faced with this current challenge of growing our family. We truly believe that “Everything Happens For A Reason” and this has held true from the way that we met and also through the challenges that we have faced and how those challenges have shaped us and our lives since. We also truly believe that we are meant for each other as we are each other’s biggest support system, cheerleaders and sounding boards.

We have been together for 17 years and will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary this summer. We are just now in search of finding the missing piece to complete our family.

Like most people, we thought we would have had kids by now and would be playing “make believe” with them instead of making each other believe that hope is just around the corner.

We do not know the reason why we’re having to face this challenge and sometimes you don’t get to know the why. But we do know that we need you, our amazing surrogate, to make everything happen and that you will be the reason it did."

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Lorenzo and Francesco

Lorenzo and Francesco are two hopeful Intended Parents from Italy.

"We have been together since 2004, when two young students fell in love during a student party. Far from their homes and families, they have created day by day a couple based on their student life, their closest friends and sharing their happiness with their families of origin. Although we have always wanted to be parents, we initially thought it was an unattainable desire: being able to undertake and realize this journey is a dream that becomes reality. In all these years (17 !!!) we have been through many,happy moments (like our graduations, our marriage, the construction of our house) and very sad (like the loss of a parent); always hand in hand, being for each other companions, lovers, friends and confidants, finding a smile in the other's gaze in all circumstances."

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Petra & Jürgen

"First of all, we would like to state that we are infinitely grateful to our future Surrogate mother for making our greatest dream come true. We feel infinitely much love for you, because this unbelievable act of humanity cannot be described with a single word - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOU!


We got married in 2016 and have been trying to start a family ever since. We took egg cells 6 times and tried IVF 10 times. It has been a long and painful journey so far. We would be very happy to become a family with the help from a Surrogate mother.


We are both very active people, very communicative and open-minded, my passions are in our animals, with whom I spend a lot of time in my free time. Jürgen's passion is motorsport. But we also spend a lot of time together and with our friends. We go hiking, cycling, and sailing. We would like to involve our child in all of the activities, because then everything would be even more exciting and fulfilling.


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Lorenzo and Niccolo

from Italy

Please Meet Lorenzo and Niccolo from Italy. They are looking for an incredible person to help them "complete their love" and share the joys of parenthood together.  They hope to have a close relationship with their Surrogate through the journey and beyone.

Here is a little bit about their sweet life that they are excited to share with their little one.


"We both love sports and met playing volleyball together. We love to travel, to visit new countries and know new cultures. We love to go out for a walk with our dog Grishka. In Italy, we have many beautiful historical parks where she can run and play with other dogs."


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from Argentina

This amazing Daddy to be has been on his journey for a few years but his dreams of becoming a father have been much longer than that. 

He has met the love of his life during his journey and she and her son are incredibly supportive and excited for him. 

He's excited to share his love of motorcycles, old cars and cooking with his child, and is so looking forward to including them in his large extended family.

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Roy and Hod
from Canada

Hello! We are originally from Israel and came to Canada 6 years ago to pursue our career goals - immigrating to Canada and being able to call this place home is our greatest achievement - we love it here! We feel the need to grow our family and to give the gift of life to our child. We want to experience parenthood and the wonder and amazement that comes with it. That being said, because we are a gay couple, there are not too many options for us, and after carefully considering those options, we decided that the best route for us is surrogacy.
We are an easy going couple who have started the journey a couple of years ago and are looking for this special woman who would like to take part in our journey and help us bring life in to this world. We know that this woman will forever have a special place in our hearts and lives and are looking forward to start as soon as possible as we feel we are ready as we'll ever be!

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Erlantz and Alessio
from Spain

We are very excited to have Erlantz and Alessio back as our very first repeat Hive Families. They are expecting their first baby this December and are getting a head start with their sibling journey, knowing there can be long wait times.

"From the moment we met we talked and planned to build a family together. Children were always on the table. Now feels like the perfect time to expand our small family. We hope to have 2-3 kids! Being a gay couple we believe that Surrogacy is the best route to expanding our family.

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Erlantz and Alessio click here.