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Hive Surrogacy is owned and operated by experienced Surrogates who have worked in the industry for over a decade. Hive’s mission is to guide Intended Parents

and Surrogates through this complicated process with integrity, transparency and compassion. Intended Parents and Surrogates should feel empowered and informed in their journey.


 Before a Surrogate is matched with her Intended Parents, Hive will ensure that she is already medically and psychologically cleared. This takes away any doubts of whether she is a suitable candidate. It also gives time to
educate her for the journey ahead and ensure she understands the 
process and commitment she is making.  

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Nici is a mother of two and an experienced Surrogate.  

Surrogacy gave Nici the opportunity to show her children how selfless acts can change lives and that Family isn't defined by blood.  Nici's passion for birth work is what brought her into the surrogacy field.

Nici has worked as a program director and CCO at two other Surrogacy Agencies in Canada. She has spoken at international Surrogacy conferences as well as planned and executed events around the world for both Intended Parents and Surrogates. Earlier in 2020, Nici took part in Health Canada's round table discussions, having input into the proposed AHRA.

These experiences along with supporting hundreds of people through the process has given Nici the time to shape her care in a way that she feels will be most beneficial for the families and Surrogates going through the process with her. 



Angie is a mother of 3. Her family is a blended one, and therefore is no stranger to building your family in unconventional ways. She is also a two-time Surrogate and Egg Donor.

Over the past 11 years she has built connections in this industry, ensuring her voice was heard when it mattered most. Always advocating for empathy, support and change for all parties involved on this journey. Making a commitment to ensure her clients walk away from this journey feeling supported. Angie brings to the table a wealth of years of experience and knowledge about the ins and outs of this wonderful process. Speaking worldwide at conferences from Israel to France and everywhere in between.

You can read about her most recent Surrogacy journey here

Her passion and dedication is exactly the energy that we are so thrilled to have part of our Hive community. 



Uncertainty and long wait times are a common concern in every surrogacy.

Hive Surrogacy commits to only having a wait list of 10 Intended Parents at a time

This will ensure proper attention and care will be provided to the families they have committed to.


This process makes Hive stand out from the rest and gives 

Intended Parents and Surrogates the service they deserve during 

this delicate process. 

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