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Navigating Surrogacy Reimbursement in Canada: Your Go-To Guide

Are you thinking about diving into the world of Surrogacy in Canada? We are so excited you are here! It's a game-changer for families struggling due to infertility, cancer or being part of the LGBTQ+, and a multitude of other reasons that may have landed them on this path.

But, as a potential Surrogate, money might be on your mind! The reimbursement part can be a bit of a concern, right? Don't sweat it; we've got your back and want to ensure you understand the in's/out's of how this really works.

Canada's all in for surrogacy, but it comes with its own rulebook. Payment to surrogates is a no-no, and the whole deal has to be all about goodwill or, better know as "altruistic". But fear not, reimbursement for certain surrogacy-related expenses is allowed. Enter the AHRA (Assisted Human Reproduction Act), the superhero legislation that keeps things in check.

Now, let's talk money. What can you actually get reimbursed for?

1. Medical: Fertility treatments, prenatal care, and delivery costs – all medical expenses are the Intended Parents responsibility. When you go through screening and transfer, all the expenses are 100% covered for you as well. The clinic they are using may not be in your own province, and with that in mind, our travel team books everything for you and makes sure you are not out of pocket for anything related to these trips. Think of us as your personal travel agent!

2. Legals: You will work with a lawyer one-on-one who will guide your through the entire Surrogacy agreement ensuring you have independent legal advice before you agree to becoming pregnant. The cost is covered by the Intended Parents, but paid by us on your behalf so you are able to get the best advice and care from your legal team.

3. Heart-to-Heart Time: Surrogacy's can be an emotional rollercoaster, counseling services for everyone involved (including your kids and your partner), so that you are able to take care of your overall wellbeing during this process is also covered. We want to ensure that you receive care not only during the process, but afterwards as well as you recover.

4. Time off Work: If surrogacy messes with your job (time off for appointments or post-baby recovery), you might be looking at some wage reimbursement. Don't fret, you won't be outta pocket for any of that. We will ensure your wages are covered so you can take care of your family & your overall health. 5. Pregnancy Reimbursement: As a first time Surrogate, you will be able to submit for a reimbursement of around $25,000+ to cover your day to day pregnancy expenses once you are pregnant. What is covered for that you might ask? Things like: Child care, lost wages, Gym memberships, vitamins, Groceries, Telephone/Internet and housekeeping are just a few things that you can submit for your monthly expenses. We will walk you through the reimbursement process so you feel informed & ready to take on these requests once you are pregnant!

These are the basics, but the details can vary, and if you are hoping to see something covered, we can also chat and ensure it aligns with the AHRA to have you covered.

Finally, remember, we have got your back! At Hive we're here to guide you through the Surrogacy journey that can sometimes feel like a maze. We've got the expertise, and we're all about making this journey as smooth as possible. Let's do this...

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