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10 things you can do as a Surrogate to help your Intended Parents have a happy & healthy journey

1. Take your prenatal vitamins and fertility medication: You may not be pregnant yet — but taking a prenatal vitamin in the months leading up to conception can help prevent serious birth defects, preterm delivery, and — as a just-for-mom bonus — help prevent morning sickness too! Once you start your fertility medications, it is imperative that you follow your Reproductive Specialist's instructions on your medication protocol. We suggest setting a timer on your phone so you don’t forget to take your medications. 2. Get plenty of rest: When you become pregnant, one of the first symptoms you may notice is being overwhelmingly tired, even exhausted. Sleep will be irresistible to you. You can most likely blame your changing hormones for this, especially the extra progesterone you take for IVF. In the beginning, pregnancy also lowers your blood pressure and blood sugar, which can make you feel tired.

Remember to rest, your body is doing BIG work! You and the baby deserve those extra zzz’s! 3. Follow the Dr’s orders: This sounds silly, but it is an easy one! If your Dr says put your feet up, do so! Your fertility specialist may order bed rest at the start of your pregnancy as this baby is growing, it may seem silly, but your care provider wants the best outcome for you and your Intended Parents as you grow their baby. 4. Eat a healthy diet: When it comes to the best foods to eat when pregnant, try to reach for picks that pack plenty of nutrients into just a few bites and not much in the way of empty calories. This will help you and your surrogate baby will get the vitamins and minerals you both need. (Though the occasional cookie or ice cream cone is just fine, so don’t feel bad about treating yourself from time to time!) 6. Allow them to make decisions for their baby: Yes, this pregnancy is your body. And we honor that here at Hive Surrogacy. But when it comes to big decisions like testing for Down syndrome or other major issues, allow the Intended Parents to make these choices for their babe. Having an open dialogue and including them goes a long way in building a sense of trust with one another. 7. Listen to music: Despite a lack of evidence that classical music creates cleverer babies, interesting studies have shown that music may have a part to play in brain development before birth. European research in 2013, for example, showed that exposing an unborn baby to music had a long-term effect on their brain. A cool device we love to suggest is belly buds This is such a great way for the parents to be able to send you audio clips of them reading stories, or singing songs so their baby can learn their voice while you carry him/her safely for them! 8. Invite the parents to appointments: As a seasoned mom yourself, pregnancy appointments can seem drawn out and same-old-same-old. Remember this is likely all-new for your Intended Parents. They want a chance to ask silly questions and hear the baby's heartbeat! If they live far away we suggest inviting them to attend over video chat or recording the baby's heartbeat and sending it to them afterward! 9. Send them photos and videos: You know those late-night belly rolls when you see that baby kicking non-stop? Your Intended Parents want to see these moments! Don’t worry about taking too many pictures or videos. Sharing these moments with your Intended Parents is one of the many reasons why they chose the path of Surrogacy. They want to see every milestone and be part of your growing belly! 10. Stay connected: Even if your Intended Parents live far away. Stay connected. Check-in with video chats, create a group message where you can update each other daily on how things are going on in your journey. Really make sure they feel involved in every step of this process. This connection is so important for both you and the parents. Creating a great groundwork of trust and openness through your whole pregnancy and delivery. 

Here at Hive Surrogacy, we are excited to see your Journey with your Intended Parents unfold. If you are interested in applying to become a Surrogate, please email:

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