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"What can I say? Nici is by far the nicest person you could ever imagine. She is helpful in any way, even if you have a crazy idea in the middle of the night and call or text her (don’t do it though – she also has a life). Nici is walking you through every single little step of the process and helps in any possible way, not just what she’s supposed to be doing, she always does one thing more.

Maureen is on top of the game, and you won’t have to worry about any accounting issue, she’s solving everything for you. Even though she is a number person, she is also emotionally supporting you.

I highly recommend Hive and Nici to everyone that needs help having a baby. We have a wonderful little baby boy now and are super happy. Nici is still a part of our life and always will be." -M, T and little A

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